Excuse the hacked webpage.

Quick news summary ...
for students, friends and onlookers.

Left Phnom Penh, Cambodia
January 2018

Athens Albania Italy
Czech Republic
Poland Germany
Netherlands Belgium
France UK Portugal Spain

One year solo bicycle tour
Always free camping,
wild camping, stealth camping

Arrived in Los Angeles
January 25 2019
From Madrid

Absent from USA
11.5 years

Presently touring
and enjoying the weather
in Southern California

Looking ahead:
CA to NY on bicycle

Proposed route map details here.

Then onward to Japan
and back to our school in Cambodia

Ongoing archive and 
realtime photo journal here.

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messaging application
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... you've noticed the 
"hacked look"
design theme of bikepaths.org

This approach began
during the days of Lynx,
but few appreciate Lynx anymore.

The simplicity works well 
on all modern browsers
mobiles, laptop or desktop.

My lifestyle demands a KISS
interface for both work and income.

I earn a living in three ways.

1. Creating KISS websites

2. Teaching

3. Fundraising

I raise funds primarily
for our   educational projects 
in Cambodia.

are earlier creations
when my life was 
much more complicated.

... and we're always looking
for interested business partners
for our Asian ventures.

Who are we?

... contact information above.

Telegram Direct Messaging
is my preference.

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