Writings of

Irv Thomas

Legendary Road Bard
(1927 - 2013)



Above are the four ways of tapping into this site.

If you haven't been here before, or not recently, you might wish to review the rundown below of what these four quadrants are all about...

The writings on this site cover more than thirty years of observation and commentary (as of the century's turn) - about life in general, my own in great particular, and the marvelous social machinery that we must alternately resist and tweak, if we would take full advantage of our Constitutional birthright.

I trust you know which part of that birthright I mean? Life is given to us by Nature; Liberty we more or less take for granted; but the Pursuit of Happiness calls for a good deal of self and social awareness, which is left up to us and is hardly better facilitated than by the constant self-inquiry of writing (for which there is no finer ultimate use, I have always felt, than a widespread and free-access sharing).

So I invite you into this archive and hope that you'll browse it at great length and return frequently. This is the page to bookmark, for it provides the key to the site's accessibility.

Because the writing is extensive and inter-related, there are four possible avenues for approaching it. Two of these provide an ordered and complete coverage, while the other two enable a more directed, topic-centered approach. As well as is possible, all the writing can be found through each avenue or quadrant; but one or another of them may be better suited to your purpose or particular browsing taste. Let's examine the quadrants, one at a time, so you'll know how to make the most of your options.

The Venue Quadrant

This is my basic framework for bringing the material onto the site: the venue for which it was written, or - as it applies - material written with no venue in mind. This quadrant opens into an initial breakdown of four basic venue levels, surveyed here to give you a quick view of the material that is on, or intended for, the site:

The Time-Sequence Quadrant

For those interested in the development of my thinking, or a particular segment of clustered writing, or just to see what I was working on concurrent with some development in my life or in the outer world, the time sequence cuts across all venues and locates material from published writing to journaling and letters, and even idea notes for which I can provide an approximate timing.

The references in this quadrant begin in 1969, which is when I began to move out of the old world that I had lived in, for 42 years. The larger time sequence of my entire life receives greater attention in the next quadrant, which is...

The Autobiographical Quadrant

Here and there, in my writings, are snapshots of my own life, at its various stages, which - for those who may be interested - is the closest I expect to come to doing any actual autobiography. I do, however, expect to augment it considerably in the Ripening Seasons that may issue during the next few years. This quadrant references and links all the writing in which I've dwelt, at any great length, on elements of my personal past. It is internally organized in a manner that reflects the way I think about life's timing: as an interweave of great and small representations of the seasonal cycle - not just the well-known annual version, but also in its lifetime expression, and in smaller replications as well. I'll have to explain how this works, but I'll save it for when you get into the quadrant.

The Thematic Quadrant

This is an index to let you quickly follow themes of interest through my writing, or ferret out anything I've written on topics of particular concern to you. I've chosen to do it in a hierarchical way so that it begins with a major grouping of the themes I deal with, linking to sub-level index ranges appropriate to each theme, and possibly further subdivisions as necessary. I've also incorporated, at the specific reference level (where the writing link actually is), a system of notation that reveals at a glance how extensive is a given treatment of the subject at hand. This will considerably facilitate your search for the more significant coverage of a given topic and also illuminate the time-relationship between the various writings I've done on it. It is more fully detailed in the quadrant section.

This particular quadrant also provides the most immediate discovery approach to the various things I write about, without your having to venture into the writing itself, to find that out - although I'd ask you to give it a bit of leeway, as there is no proper "development" of a theme if you approach it from this avenue first. For example, there are many shades of meaning for "reality" - one of my major themes - and you really need to get into my treatment of it to understand what I'm getting at.


My site awaits your pleasure.