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Witchi-Tai-To is a song written by Jim Pepper, a Native American jazz saxophonist and composer of Kaw and Creek heritage. The song gained popularity after being recorded by various artists, including Pepper himself, in the 1960s and 1970s.

The title Witchi-Tai-To is a phrase derived from the Native American Omaha-Ponca language. It does not have a direct translation, but it is believed to carry a spiritual or ceremonial meaning. The song is known for its repetitive and hypnotic melody.

Jim Pepper's version of Witchi-Tai-To combines elements of jazz, rock, and Native American music. It features his signature saxophone playing, blending traditional Native American motifs with improvisational jazz solos.

The song has been covered by several artists and bands over the years, including Brewer & Shipley, Jan Garbarek, and Harper's Bizarre. The lyrics of the song, which are minimal and often repeated, evoke a sense of peace, unity, and connection with nature.

Witchi-Tai-To is considered a significant contribution to the fusion of Native American music and jazz, showcasing Jim Pepper's cultural heritage and musical innovation. It remains a beloved and influential composition in the realms of jazz and Native American music.

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