Those Who Live Outdoors

People often think and believe only homeless people live outdoors, but in fact for some it is best to be outdoors all the time.

Spending time outdoors is beneficial for health. Studies show spending more time outdoors lowers rates of obesity, heart disease, and depression while at the same time providing stronger immune systems and better cognitive function.

Spending time outdoors exposes people to sunlight, which helps the body produce Vitamin D. which is important for body functions, bone health, and natural immunity.

Life outdoors helps people get more exercise by walking, trekking, running or cycling. Regular steady exercise reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease, and other chronic diseases.

The secluded natural outdoors away from the noise and nuisances of urban surroundings induces de-stressing and relaxation. Exposure to billions of carbon dioxide producing plants in a clean natural setting reduces stress levels, improve mental health.

Understandably, we are exposed to UV rays from the sun, man-made pollutants and environmental risks, so the decision of to spend your life outdoors is personal.

There is no right or wrong answer. Many homeless people live outdoors for the majority of their adult lives.

To live outdoors really depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. but, if want to improve your health, then start spending more time outdoors.

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