The Fight Against Currency Debasement

The middle class in developed economies is disappearing due to erosion of its social mobility, despite massive government spending, stimulus plans, and entitlement programs. Blaming capitalism is misplaced, as the real issue lies in radical statism masquerading as an open economy.

Inflation is misunderstood by citizens, with many believing it's merely rising prices, while it's actually caused by an increase in the money supply relative to goods and services. Artificial money creation disproportionately benefits government spending and hurts real wages and savings. This process of currency debasement leads to stealth nationalization of the economy and a larger government presence.

Government and experts often mislead people about inflation to justify their actions. Governments manipulate currency to conceal imbalances, and independent central banks are essential for preserving economic freedom.

Without sound money, the currency faces inevitable destruction, jeopardizing economic stability and citizens' financial well-being. Sound money is vital for protecting civil liberties and preventing government interference in the currency system.

The Honest Money Initiative is a collective effort by economists, experts, and concerned individuals who are committed to preserving the value of money and safeguarding the economic well-being of citizens against the negative consequences of currency debasement.

The Initiative seeks to halt this destruction of the middle class and businesses through constant currency devaluation. It is aimed at promoting the concept of "honest money" and raising awareness about the negative consequences of constant currency debasement and inflation. It is founded on the belief that sound money, which maintains its value over time, is essential for a healthy and prosperous economy.

The Honest Money Initiative seeks to educate people about the nature of inflation, the impact of government policies on the currency supply, and the erosion of the middle class and individual wealth caused by continuous currency manipulation. It aims to counter misinformation and misconceptions surrounding inflation and its effects on the economy.

By advocating for honest money, the Honest Money Initiative calls for a stable and reliable monetary system that protects citizens' purchasing power, promotes economic freedom, and prevents government interference and control over the currency supply. It seeks to remind people that the government's creation of new currency out of thin air is not a sustainable solution and ultimately leads to long-term economic imbalances.


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