Larry Sanger Wikipedia Covert Intelligence

Technical Briefing:

In a recent interview, Larry Sanger, one of the co-founders of Wikipedia, made shocking revelations about the involvement of US intelligence agencies in manipulating the information on the platform. He shared evidence suggesting that as early as 2008, the CIA and FBI used their computers to edit Wikipedia articles to push their own agendas.

  1. Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger reveals US intelligence interference and manipulation on the platform.

  2. Evidence of CIA and FBI computers being used to edit Wikipedia as early as 2008.

  3. US intelligence agencies pay off influential people or develop their own talent to push their agendas on Wikipedia.

  4. Sanger calls Wikipedia the most biased encyclopedia in history due to intelligence manipulation.

  5. Wikipedia's treatment of the Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theory is questioned, showing bias in favor of the Democratic Party.

  6. Covid entries on Wikipedia are heavily subject to propaganda and skewed information, favoring certain viewpoints.

  7. Wikipedia used to be anti-establishment but shifted to becoming an establishment mouthpiece between 2005 and 2012.

According to Sanger, the intelligence agencies employ various strategies to influence Wikipedia content. They either pay off influential individuals who are already aligned with their views, or they train their own people to navigate the Wikipedia community and promote the information they want to disseminate. This process is part of their larger information warfare efforts, and Wikipedia has become one of the battlegrounds for such activities.

As a result of this manipulation, Sanger believes that Wikipedia has become the most biased encyclopedia in history. It has lost its neutrality and has been influenced to serve the interests of the left-liberal Washington deep state.

One of the examples discussed in the interview is the Wikipedia entry on the Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theory. Despite ample evidence supporting the theory, Wikipedia presents it as a series of false allegations, aligning with the Democratic Party talking points. This indicates a clear bias towards the liberal worldview.

Another area of concern is the Wikipedia entries related to the Covid pandemic. Larry Sanger and journalist Glenn Greenwald agree that these entries are heavily influenced by propaganda and skewed information. They claim that information suggesting the possibility of the virus originating from a lab leak is downplayed, while favoring narratives that support a naturally occurring event.

Sanger also notes a shift in Wikipedia's tone over the years. The platform, which initially had an anti-establishment vibe, underwent a transformation between 2005 and 2012, becoming more aligned with the establishment's interests.

Larry Sanger's revelations shed light on the manipulation and bias present on Wikipedia, particularly concerning US intelligence involvement. These revelations raise questions about the platform's credibility and call for further scrutiny of the information presented on the site.

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