Flat Earth Cult

There are individuals who were once prominent flat earth proponents but later changed their beliefs and publicly shared their experiences.

While not everyone who believed in a flat earth can be characterized as part of a cult, some individuals who actively promoted flat earth ideas exhibited certain cult-like behaviors and mentalities.

One notable example is Mark Sargent, who gained popularity within the flat earth community and appeared in various documentaries and interviews advocating for a flat earth model.

In 2019, Sargent publicly announced that he no longer believed in the flat earth theory and shared his reasons for leaving the community.

He expressed that his journey had been an exploration of alternative ideas and conspiracy theories, but he eventually came to reassess his beliefs based on critical thinking and scientific evidence.

Another example is Patricia Steere, who was a prominent figure in the flat earth community and hosted a popular YouTube channel discussing flat earth topics.

In 2018, Steere also announced her departure from the flat earth movement. She expressed that her awakening to the inconsistencies and lack of evidence in the flat earth arguments led her to question her beliefs and eventually reject the flat earth model.

These individuals and others like them have shared their personal stories and perspectives, highlighting the journey they went through in questioning and ultimately leaving the flat earth community.

Their experiences provide insight into the factors that can contribute to a person's departure from a belief system, including critical thinking, exposure to scientific evidence, and a willingness to reevaluate one's beliefs in light of new information.

Not all individuals who believe in a flat earth are part of a cult, as each person deceives themselves in their own personal way.

Some people naturally exhibit cult-like behaviors displaying rigid adherence to doctrine, resistance to contrary evidence, and the rejection of mainstream scientific consensus.

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