Course Outline: Bikepacking and Outdoor Survival

Introduction to Bikepacking and Outdoor Survival

A. Module 1: Getting Started

  1. Understanding the Basics
    • Definition and concept of bikepacking
    • Overview of outdoor survival skills
  2. Benefits of Bikepacking
    • Physical fitness and endurance
    • Mental resilience and personal growth
    • Connection with nature and the environment

B. Module 2: Essential Gear and Equipment

  1. Bike Selection and Setup
    • Choosing the right bike for bikepacking
    • Bike customization and modifications
  2. Gear Essentials
    • Bikepacking bags and storage solutions
    • Camping equipment and shelter options
    • Navigation tools and communication devices
    • Survival gear and first aid kit

C. Module 3: Route Planning and Preparation

  1. Researching Routes
    • Identifying popular bikepacking trails
    • Evaluating terrain and difficulty levels
  2. Planning for Safety
    • Assessing weather conditions and seasonal considerations
    • Safety protocols and emergency preparedness
  3. Packing and Organization
    • Efficient packing techniques
    • Weight distribution and balancing

D. Module 4: Outdoor Survival Skills

  1. Navigation and Orienteering
    • Map reading and compass navigation
    • GPS usage and digital mapping tools
  2. Campsite Selection and Setup
    • Identifying suitable camping spots
    • Leave No Trace principles
  3. Fire Building and Camp Cooking
    • Fire safety and responsible practices
    • Cooking methods and meal planning

E. Module 5: On the Trail

  1. Riding Techniques and Bike Handling
    • Uphill and downhill riding tips
    • Negotiating obstacles and technical terrain
  2. Outdoor Safety and Risk Management
    • Identifying potential hazards
    • Strategies for staying safe on the trail

F. Module 6: Trip Evaluation and Next Steps

  1. Reflecting on the Experience
    • Assessing personal achievements and challenges
    • Learning from the journey
  2. Planning for Future Bikepacking Adventures
    • Setting goals and expanding skills
    • Seeking out new trails and destinations

This introductory course aims to provide novice bikepackers with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to embark on their outdoor adventures confidently. By covering essential gear, route planning, outdoor survival skills, riding techniques, and safety practices, participants will gain a solid foundation for their bikepacking journey. With each module building upon the previous one, this comprehensive course sets the stage for future growth and exploration in the world of bikepacking and outdoor survival.

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