Questioning Vaccine Dogma

Questioning Vaccine Dogma

  1. The belief in vaccines as "safe and effective" is seen as a sacred cow in modern medicine, but it lacks empirical evidence and scientific basis.

  2. Controversies surrounding vaccines have increased, and anyone questioning their safety is labeled as an "anti-vaxxer."

  3. The pharmaceutical industry's influence on media, institutions, and regulations makes it challenging to break free from the vaccine dogma.

  4. The COVID-19 era saw the relentless promotion of vaccines without acknowledging their potential toxicities or financial incentives involved.

  5. The CDC vaccine schedule has significantly increased, but only a few vaccines provide genuine herd immunity, raising questions about mandates.

  6. The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were rapidly developed and added to the schedule, yet their safety and long-term effects remain unclear.

  7. The reporting of vaccine-related deaths and adverse events lacks transparency and accountability from the CDC.

  8. The broadened definition of "vaccine" allows almost any medication to be labeled as such, absolving manufacturers of liability.

  9. Proposed solutions include repealing the NCVIA, prohibiting vaccine mandates, and conducting thorough investigations into COVID-19 vaccine development.

  10. Open public discussions are necessary to reevaluate vaccines and their role in public health, seeking reform and transparency.

Let's question vaccine dogma and evaluate vaccines critically while ensuring transparency and accountability in the medical field.

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