Sound Money Rooted in Natural Law

Sound money, based on the principles of Natural Law, promotes stability, fairness, and economic prosperity.

In a sound monetary system, the value of money is anchored to tangible assets, such as gold, ensuring its intrinsic worth over time.

This natural balance prevents excessive manipulation and artificial inflation, safeguarding the purchasing power of individuals and fostering trust in the currency.

By adhering to Natural Law principles, sound money avoids the pitfalls of discretionary interventions and unpredictable monetary policies.

It provides a reliable unit of account and a stable store of value, allowing individuals to make informed economic decisions and plan for the future with confidence.

A sound money system promotes a free and open market where real prices are dynamically determined by supply and demand, encouraging efficient resource allocation and sustainable economic growth.

With sound money, individuals are empowered, and the potential for exploitation and unfair advantages is minimized.

In summary, sound money, rooted in Natural Law, offers a solid foundation for economic stability and prosperity, respecting individual rights and fostering a transparent and trustworthy monetary system.

Advocates of our existing flexible manipulative monetary system may find value in embracing the principles of sound money to achieve a more equitable and prosperous world for all.

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