A World of Authentic Adventure

In this digital age, where touch screens rule and superficial relationships abound, a new global tribe has emerged. We are the seekers, the survivors, the adventurers, the bold and courageous ones who long for authenticity in a world that often feels anything but real.

Our quest is simple yet profound: to connect with each other and the world around us on a deeper, more genuine level. We come from diverse backgrounds and life experiences but are united by a common thread - our passion for adventure, for the great outdoors, simple living, and for the well-being of each other.

We are a community of activity partners, bound by the love of exploration and endless outdoor escapades. From hiking through lush forests to wandering the forgotten streets of ghost towns, we are fearless, breaking boundaries, crossing fence lines, blazing new trails, and inspiring others to do the same.

For us, adventure is not a fleeting whim, a weekend gig; it's a longstanding and ongoing way of life. We fully embrace the nomadic lifestyle, where we are at home with the earth itself, finding beauty where others see desolation, all while appreciating the simplicity of minimalist living. We are prepared for any situation, yet we live gently, simply, and lightly, cherishing each moment in the present.

Leadership in our group is a fluid concept. Each member is considered a leader in their own unique way, while our strength lies within the whole of our supportive community. We are the champions of this day, the new world explorers of the wild and unknown, encouraging one another to each pursue their own road less traveled.

Our adventures know no bounds. We cross deserts, scale mountains, ford rivers, and uncover the hidden and overlooked gems within the depths of the world's greatest cities. Our love for nature is a continual calling, yet the urban landscape offers a different adventure which we also cherish deeply. We are not beyond seeking self-discovery amidst the ruins of abandoned concrete and steel structures.

We bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Through technology, we maintain our connections, sharing stories, photos, and experiences with friends across vast distances, yet our hearts will always crave the authenticity of face-to-face interaction. We cherish those moments when we can share what we have and what we have learned together in person.

Within our rich tapestry of experiences, you will find the true essence of human existence. We appreciate each other's perspectives and celebrate the beauty of our diverse paths and interests. Our stories inspire others to break free from their routines, to hit the open road well-prepared, confidently and enthusiastically exploring unique and uncharted paths around the world.

For us, the value of community is at the core of each and every moment. We are the guardians of authentic connections in a world increasingly defined by touch screens, keyboards, and anonymous commentary. We are the new digital warriors, nomads at heart, hardened and tempered earth-based explorers, adventurers of both the natural world and abandoned cityscapes.

We are driven by a passion for authenticity, united in our love for the great outdoors, embracing the simplicity of minimalist living, fearless in breaking boundaries, seekers of hidden gems in the world's cities, bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds, guardians of authentic connections, champions of self-discovery, advocates for the preservation of nature and urban landscapes, inspiring others to embrace a life of adventure.

Welcome to our world, your world, my world, where the yearning for authenticity is met with the magic of genuine human connection. Together we'll continue to write the most incredible chapters of our lives.

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