Homelessness Transcends Political Ideologies

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As homeless people wanting to see less conflict all around, we often wonder what we can do to bring more unity and less divisiveness to the American people. At the top of the pyramid, we see the left and right political ideologues engaged in an Read more

My Current Touring Bicycle

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I have a few days before my flight into LAX, so here is a tour of my current touring bicycle. Photos Here This bike is 25 years in development, and my fourth dedicated touring rig. There are many small tricks and tips I've learned from several tours Read more

Respectful and Open Communication

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Tips for respectful and open communication: Active Listening: Actively listen to others without immediately interjecting your own opinions or judgments. Show that you value their perspective by giving them your full attention. Empathetic Read more

Evolution of Consciousness from Birth to Death

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The evolution of consciousness from birth to death is complex and fascinating. Here's a simplified overview: Birth and Early Development: When a baby is born, they have basic sensory awareness. They can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the world Read more

Depth of Consciousness and End of Life Experiences

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Depth of human consciousness is influenced by a combination of one's experiences, relationships, personal growth, and the meaning they find in their unique life journey. Comparing depth of consciousness between an individual who lives a sheltered, Read more
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