World Without Internet

For many of us, imagining a world without the Internet and other modern technologies would be a significant challenge. These advancements have become integral to our daily lives. However, if we were suddenly transported back to a time before these technologies, we would likely be astonished by the freedom people experienced in their lifestyles.

In the present year of 2023, our lives are heavily regulated by an extensive array of laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances. These constraints govern even the smallest aspects of our behavior. While many of us still believe we enjoy freedom, the truth is that genuine freedom has been eroding for a considerable period. The sheer volume of regulations has limited our ability to act without interference.

Furthermore, the values of our society have undergone a profound transformation since 1973. Over the past five decades, our culture has experienced a complete upheaval, with the consequences of this cultural revolution manifesting in ways that can be described as nightmarish. We witness these consequences all around us, highlighting the profound societal shifts that have taken place.

It is crucial to recognize and reflect upon these changes in order to understand the complexities and challenges of our modern world.

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