Bicycle Touring Verses

A script on the ease, beauty and simplicity of bicycle touring done in the style of a Shakespearean play through a dialogue between two parties arguing the point.

Act 1, Scene 1: A Veranda in Verona

[Enter Benvolio and Mercutio]

Benvolio: Good Mercutio, I beseech thee, lend thy ear, As I speak of the joys of bicycle touring here. Its ease, beauty, and simplicity, I proclaim, Outshine the hustle and bustle of a motorized frame.

Mercutio: Ah, Benvolio, thou art mistaken, I dare say, For a motorized vehicle leads the way. With speed and power, it conquers the road, A bicycle's charm, alas, will soon erode.

Benvolio: But, dear Mercutio, let me speak my mind, A bicycle tour offers pleasures you shall find. With gentle pedaling, we traverse at our pace, Embracing nature's beauty, a divine embrace.

Mercutio: Nature's beauty, thou sayest, with much delight, Yet a motorized vehicle can cover more ground in a night. No need for weary legs, it swiftly takes us far, Oh, the ease and comfort, beneath the twinkling star!

Benvolio: But comfort and ease come at a cost, I say, A bicycle's simplicity lights up our way. No fuel to burn, no emissions in the air, A sustainable choice, beyond compare.

Mercutio: Sustainability, thou speaketh of a noble cause, But a motorized vehicle, it garners applause. With air-conditioned bliss and seats so grand, Oh, the pleasures of touring, so grand!

Benvolio: Ah, Mercutio, thou dost overlook, The sense of freedom a bicycle tour took. We traverse narrow lanes, winding and free, With every pedal stroke, our spirits flee.

Mercutio: But, Benvolio, what of the open road, Where a motorized vehicle's power bestowed? The wind in our hair, the engine's roar, Oh, the thrill of speed, forevermore!

Benvolio: Speed, my friend, can blind our sight, A bicycle tour allows us to take in the light. The world unfolds, with each passing scene, Oh, the beauty we behold, so serene.

Mercutio: Serene, thou sayest, as we travel far and wide, A motorized vehicle is the better ride. With gadgets and comforts, we have it all, Touring in luxury, no bicycle can enthrall.

Benvolio: Luxury and gadgets, they may bring delight, But a bicycle tour unveils a different sight. The rhythm of pedaling, a peaceful song, Oh, the simplicity, where we truly belong.

Mercutio: Benvolio, thou art steadfast in thy view, But a motorized vehicle reigns anew. The ease, beauty, and simplicity thou praise, A bicycle tour, alas, cannot amaze.

Benvolio: We shall not see eye to eye, dear friend, For in our preferences, differences transcend. Yet, let us respect the choices we make, And find joy in the journeys we undertake.

Mercutio: Fair enough, Benvolio, let us part ways, With our distinct opinions, like night and day. The ease, beauty, and simplicity we extol, May it be on bicycle or motorized vehicle, each has its role.

[Exeunt Benvolio and Mercutio]

End of Act 1, Scene 1

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