New Approach to Address Homelessness

Our mission is to assist communities in understanding and accepting their homeless population, taking positive, progressive, and proactive action. We offer a unique service that combines exploration, environmental cleanup, and data collection.

We locate abandoned campsites hidden deep in brush or off the beaten path as the first step toward cleaning up these sites, addressing environmental hazards such as litter, rotting food, feces, and garbage. Our goal is to improve land and water quality, making a positive impact on both the environment and the homeless population.

We provide detailed reports with geo-coordinates and photos of abandoned campsites. This information equips community leaders with the necessary insights to take steps towards cleaning up these sites and addressing the underlying issues.

Collaboration is key to our approach. We partner with local authorities, nonprofit organizations, and community leaders who share our vision of creating positive change. By working together, we leverage expertise, resources, and networks to make a more significant impact on homelessness.

Our reporting system allows community members to contribute by sharing information about abandoned campsites they come across. Through this crowdsourcing approach, we expand our reach and identify more sites in need of attention.

But our work doesn't stop at environmental cleanup. We aim to raise awareness about the issue of abandoned homeless campsites and advocate for change. Through crowdsourcing and sharing positive results with the public through media outlets, community forums, and social media, we foster understanding and encourage proactive action.

We also offer consulting services to community leaders and organizations. Drawing from our expertise and experiences, we provide guidance on strategies to address homelessness, engage with the homeless population, and implement effective cleanup and intervention programs.

Join us in making a difference. Together, we can create communities that care, where understanding and acceptance lead to positive change for everyone.

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